Create an invoice

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  1. Open the Dillali app.
  2. Tap the Hamburger-menu icon at the top right corner. The navigation bar would slide in from the right.
  3. Tap Income in the navigation bar
  4. Tap the + icon at the bottom right corner; a list of items will appear
  5. Tap Create Invoice
  6. Fill out all of the necessary fields;
  • Choose Invoice style: here you can customise your invoice by changing the colour, and template. You can also upload your logo
  • Change currency, this allows you to bill clients in different currencies
  • Select a tax, if applicable.
  1. Tap the Next button to add sender Info;
  • Fill in your information. This is automatically generated with info you have filled in the registration form, but you can edit as you see fit.
  • From the Client Name dropdown menu, choose a client. If the customer isn't already in the list, you can add them by tapping the Add Client button and filling out the necessary details. Note that you can only select one client per invoice.
  • Check the auto-generated Invoice number or enter an invoice number manually
  • Select a Due Date for the invoice. The due date signifies that the customer must pay the balance of the invoice on or before the selected date.
  1. Tap the Next button to get to add the invoice items;
  • Tap the Add Item button to select from a list of your pre saved items, if the item you want to add to the invoice is not listed, Tap Add and fill in the necessary details in the form.
  • Fill in the Quantity and Discount, if applicable. 
  • Note that you must have at least one line of item to create an invoice.
  1. Tap the Next button to get to add payment details;
  • Input Overall discount, Tax and Initial payment, if applicable. This helps for better calculation of the Grand total amount attached in the invoice.
  • Input the Payment Details, this is automatically generated if you have filled it in your settings but you can also change as it suits the invoice.
  • You can also add Notes, if the need arises.
  1. Tap the Next button to see a preview of your invoice,
  2. Tap the save button to see a dropdown containing the actions below;
  • Save
  • Share via WhatsApp
  • Download
  • Share via Email
  1. Choose any of the options in the drop-down and your invoice is good to go!

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