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Sharon Dikedi

CEO, Norahs Bites and Mix

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Join our community of over 12,000 business owners

Join our community of over 12,000 business owners

Join our community of over 12,000 business owners

Join our community of over 12,000 business owners

Moving her Kilishi business to the next level is the ultimate goal for Norahs.

With Dillali, Norahs keeps track of her business finances with ease. From ordering to delivery, she sends invoices and records sales of her goods on Dillali.

norahs with her products
norahs checking her inventory

Recording expenses for her business is easier and better

  • Before now, Norahs used to tick off goods purchased on her paper shopping list while she restocks her goods in the market. She sometimes misplaces this list and loses all her expense records.
  • With Dillali, she now automatically records every item she purchases under the expense feature on the Dillali app. She has access to it anytime and anywhere

All her daily orders are recorded on Dillali.

  • When multiple customers place orders for Norahs Kilishi, she does not worry because she sends them digital invoices in seconds and sends receipts for each purchase on WhatsApp or through other platforms.
  • It is very easy because she has saved all her customer’s details on the app. This is stored safely and is secured on the cloud.
her sales
see owes her

Norahs knows all the customers who owe her.

  • When orders are placed, some of her customers make full, partial, or no payments depending on the agreement.
  • Norahs monitors those who owe her and easily sends payment reminders to them with one click. This way she can track her inflow and ensure her records are up to date.
  • The best part is that she does all these and more for FREE!

Be like Norahs.

Take charge of your financial records.

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Hauwa M.

CEO, HB Green Acres Farm
"I own a potato farm, which is a seasonal business. We needed a solution to help us track all our sales, especially for customers that make part payments. Dillali does all the calculations for us. Better part is, I can see if our business is profitable and who owes us."

Grace I.

"Dillali helps me keep tabs on our customers, to follow up properly. Now I know everyone we have worked with, I can easily go back to see those that are yet to pay on their invoices. "

Imam A.

"I am a busy entrepreneur who spends most of my time in customer billing or on the lookout for expenses. I needed someone to help me with these tasks. Dillali is the perfect solution. It has helped me save so much time and costs."