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"I run a business where I need to buy supplies and sell off my products very often. Accounting for all the income and expenses used to be time consuming. Sometimes, I’d make mistakes that would cost me a lot. With dillali, I I can save time and money because I don’t have to learn any difficult lessons from my mistakes anymore."

Hyelni Hassan

Sheelda Enterprises

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Dillali helps over 12,000 business owners manage their financial records better

Hauwa M.

CEO, HB Green Acres Farm
"I own a potato farm, which is a seasonal business. We needed a solution to help us track all our sales, especially for customers that make part payments. Dillali does all the calculations for us. Better part is, I can see if our business is profitable and who owes us."

Grace I.

"Dillali helps me keep tabs on our customers, to follow up properly. Now I know everyone we have worked with, I can easily go back to see those that are yet to pay on their invoices. "

Imam A.

"I am a busy entrepreneur who spends most of my time in customer billing or on the lookout for expenses. I needed someone to help me with these tasks. Dillali is the perfect solution. It has helped me save so much time and costs."

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