Struggling with unmanageable inventory?

Inventory chaos causing unnecessary stress and lost revenue? Gain control, streamline your inventory management, and maximise profits with Dillali Inventory.
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Dillali Inventory app screen on mobile
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Join our community of over 19,000 thriving African businesses who rely on Dillali for seamless inventory management every day!

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Dillali Inventory app screen on mobile - highlight
Dillali Inventory app screen on mobile

Real-time inventory

Say goodbye to overselling
No more overstocking
Always meet your customer demands
Be more profitable

Calculations made easy

Realtime cost and stock values
Automatically calculate your profits
Auto add sales taxes
Dillali Inventory app screen on mobile - highlight
Dillali Inventory app screen on mobile
Dillali Inventory app screen on mobile - highlight
Dillali Inventory app screen on mobile

Seamless organising

Categorising and grouping products
By locations
Set minimum restock levels for each product


Read stories of our delighted users.

Artem S.

Freelancer (Lithuania)
“I am a freelancer who has a single client whom I’m billing monthly. I was using Word for my invoices for several years, and then I decided to find a better option. Before Dillali, I tried several other tools, but none of them had a good pricing model for my needs.”

Izzy I.

Entrepreneur (Abuja, Nigeria)
“Thanks for making my life easy.Before I literally had to type every price and information for each customer, download and then email to them. With Dillali I just click click click and I am done.”

Kamal A.

The Language Cloud (Lithuania)
“Dillali has been perfect for my startup so far. The interface is easy to use and their customer service has been helpful every time I've needed it.”

Experience the easiest inventory management tool.Transform how your business does inventory! Are you ready?

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1. What is Dillali Inventory?

Dillali Inventory is a comprehensive inventory management system designed to help growing businesses in Africa simplify and streamline their inventory, sales, and supply management processes.

2. Who is Dillali Inventory for?

Dillali Inventory is designed for small to medium-sized businesses across various industries looking for a simple yet effective solution to manage their inventory.

3. How can I access Dillali Inventory?

You can access Dillali Inventory via our web platform on your computer or our mobile app on your smartphone. This ensures you can manage your inventory anytime, anywhere.

4. Can I integrate Dillali Inventory with other systems?

Yes, we are currently developing integrations for popular platforms like Shopify and Etsy. More integrations are being added regularly for your convenience.

5. How does Dillali Inventory help me manage my orders?

Dillali Inventory allows you to create and maintain supplier listings and orders, manage orders and receipts across multiple locations, carry out stock adjustments with reconciliation, and set custom minimum restock levels/alerts.

6. How can Dillali Inventory assist with my sales processes?

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7. How secure is my data with Dillali Inventory?

We take the security of your data seriously at Dillali. We use industry-standard encryption for data transmission and storage. Your data is always private and secure.

8. How does Dillali Inventory handle changes in product prices?

Dillali Inventory allows you to adjust both the cost and selling price of your products easily. You can set selling prices and margins automatically based on cost price, ensuring your profitability is maintained even when product prices change.

9. How does Dillali Inventory help me analyse my business performance?

Our reporting feature allows you to gain insights into your business performance and identify the products driving your profits. You can identify your top-selling products, view Profit/Loss reports for specific periods, and visualise your revenues with comprehensive charts and graphs.

10. What support is available if I have issues using Dillali Inventory?

We offer comprehensive support to all our users. If you have any issues, you can reach out to our dedicated support team who will be happy to assist you.

11. What are the costs associated with Dillali Inventory?

Dillali Inventory offers three pricing tiers to meet various business requirements. Check the prices here