Uncover the Features that Set Dillali Apart

From intelligent stock management to detailed reporting, Dillali comes equipped with the features you need to streamline your business operations and increase profitability.
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Inventory Control

Manage your entire stock effortlessly from any device, anywhere, any time.

Add and organise your inventory with simplicity.
Display each item with multiple images.
Categorise products naturally.
Set selling prices and margins automatically based on cost price.

Order Management

Wave goodbye to the worry of running out of stock or overstocking.

Create and manage supplier listings and orders.
Handle orders and receipts across numerous locations.
Conduct stock adjustments with reconciliation.
Set customised minimum restock levels/alerts.
Group items into various categories for smooth tracking.

Join our community of over 19,000 thriving African businesses who rely on Dillali for seamless inventory management every day!


Maintain a thorough record of all sales with our integrated invoicing and sales recording feature.

Generate professional quotes effortlessly.
Issue invoices and automatically deduct from inventory.
Set prices per sale
Offer discounts on individual sales.

Analysis & Reports

Clean insights into your business performance and identify the products driving your profits.

Spot your best-selling products.
Review Profit/Loss reports for specific periods (daily, monthly, etc.)
Visualise your revenues with comprehensive charts and graphs.


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Integrate Dillali with your other systems and tools seamlessly for a unified business solution.

Consolidate your inventory from multiple stores into one place.
Seamlessly integrate with your Shopify and Etsy stores.
Connect to payments provider for online payments

Experience the easiest inventory management tool.Transform how your business does inventory! Are you ready?

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