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You never have to worry about meeting up with orders, Dillali is here to help you stay ahead and in charge of where your money is going and what’s being paid.

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accounting tool for food vendors
accounting tool for food vendors

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Now, you don't have to worry about manual calculations. With Dillali you can record your daily sales, track your income and expenses, send invoices, generate quotes and receipts, send debt reminders and manage all your clients data in one place.

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Switch from pen and paper to something more dependable for your business records. Start with dillali today.

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accounting tool for food vendors

How Dillali can work for you

We provide the best tools for you to track your finances.

Record a sale

Save time by recording quick sales on the go.

accounting tool for food vendors

See who owes you

Easily send regular reminders to debtors for payment.

Dillai - See who owes you

Create an invoice

Create your invoice in just 60 seconds. Simple and easy.

Dillali - create an invoice

Record expenses

Track and analyze how much you are earning and spending.

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12,000+ business owners trust Dillali

Dillali helps over 12,000 business owners manage their financial records better

Hauwa M.

CEO, HB Green Acres Farm
"I own a potato farm, which is a seasonal business. We needed a solution to help us track all our sales, especially for customers that make part payments. Dillali does all the calculations for us. Better part is, I can see if our business is profitable and who owes us."

Grace I.

"Dillali helps me keep tabs on our clients, to follow up properly. Now I know everyone we have worked with, I can easily go back to see those that are yet to pay on their invoices. "

Imam A.

"I am a busy entrepreneur who spends most of my time in customer billing or on the lookout for expenses. I needed someone to help me with these tasks. Dillali is the perfect solution. It has helped me save so much time and costs."

Don't leave a bad taste in your finances

Growing your business has never been easier. Manage your finances with Dillali.

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accounting tool for food vendors

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't sell anything can I use Dillali?

Sure you can. If you want to get more insights into your spending habits, use Dillali to keep a record of your income and expenses. Reports help you identify the little things that accumulate into big losses.

Is there a Savings feature on Dillali?

Stay close. Tracking your income and expenses improves your spending habit. A savings wallet is incoming.

Does Dillali support only Naira?

You can set up multiple currencies on Dillali.

Can I get Loans on Dillali?

Not yet. However, Dillali helps you keep accurate and up-to-date financial records for your business, thus making you eligible for loan applications.

Do I need to pay to access the Language feature on Dillali?

Not at all. It is free for you.

Can I share my invoice directly from Dillali?

Yes! You definitely can. We just updated our ‘’share” option to allow you send Invoices directly from Dillali to multiple platforms such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Email etc.

Can I track my daily sales on Dillali?

Yes definitely. With the “Income” feature you get to select the “record a sale’’ option and update your daily sales on there.

I don’t sell anything, can I use Dillali?

Sure! If you want to have more insight on your spending habits, use dillali to record your expenses. You will be able to identify the little things that accumulate into big losses.

How can I make money using Dillali?

By using Dillali, you save on accounting costs, and are less likely to make costly mistakes as Dillali helps you keep track of those who owe you as well as your expenses. This helps your business save money.

Do I have to sell material things to use Dillali?

No, your business can be service or product based. This means that you could be a freelancer in the creative industry and use dillali to invoice your clients for your services.

Is my information safe with Dillali?

We understand that we are storing your sensitive data and protecting it is our highest priority. One key core value of dillali is the privacy of your data. We do not share or sell any of your information to third parties or for advertising. Here’s our Privacy Policy.

Do I need an accountant to use Dillali?

Dillali is designed to be easy to use can work without or with an accountant. You can give access to your accountant anytime through team access.

Why should I use Dillali?

Dillali helps you organize your finances. You will be able to record your sales, keep track of who owes you, send invoices that make your brand more professional and record expenses. You will be able to analyse your finances from your home page as a breakdown is reflected on your home page. We also send monthly reports to you, so that you can analyse further.

How can I use Dillali

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