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Tips for improving Creativity in the Food Industry.

Sarah Etim

Jul 2022

4 mins read


Tips for improving Creativity in the Food Industry.

Food is essential to life, you know?

The food space isn’t one going out of demand anytime soon. Why? Because a good meal or food is essential to any human’s existence. 

This industry is a gift that keeps on giving. It is essential to understand your industry, customers' needs, trends, and how to stand out.

Now, a lot of people just decide one day to open a food outlet or go into catering without properly carving out the roadmap to accomplishing the one very important thing which is offering quality services, and meals, building trust with your customers and standing out because it is a saturated market but you can still grow your business and be exceptional.

Now someone might ask what creativity has got to do with food? It has a whole lot, because colors, flavors, spices, and all those little things are what differentiates you from the next vendor, caterer, or chef. It would be best if you experimented a lot as someone who operates in this industry, the process of making meals teaches you to be mindful and push for mastery. 

You cannot repeat the same patterns or menu at every party, every order, or even on your business page, you must be able to create new dishes and food-related experiences. If you do not necessarily carve a niche for yourself at the very least let your business processes be relatable to your customers. 

Even in the kind of content you create or post on your website, social channels, etc let it position you as an expert and someone who understands that customer satisfaction starts with a journey that builds up to the final consumption of the meal.

Creativity Goes Beyond Just The Blend Of Colours On Your Meal.

As a business owner in Nigeria or even the continent at large, you must be creative with your numbers as well. Now, imagine you want to expand your business and grow a distribution chain across major cities in Africa and you need a potential investor to back you but then you do not have a track record of your numbers that could make you lose out on an amazing opportunity. 

Dillali helps you prepare for those good days and stays with you all season because food never goes out of style. It is important for you as a sole owner or even if you have a partner to check and balance your numbers daily, leave nothing to chance. 

Dillali saves the day, always. You may be getting overwhelmed with orders, deliveries, and keeping up with spices and ingredients needed to deliver on each engagement, papers are so outdated and the world is moving largely towards a digitized filing and financial system, Dillali is the solution. Manage your expenses, send an invoice, quotes, and receipts to clients/customers all in one place.

Let’s dive into the key feature for you which would be recording expenses, you have to take into account every single ingredient that you purchase to make that meal, the cost of foodstuff is on the rise each day but meals must be made, so a more intentional approach would be to track every purchase made per meal. Say you want to make a large portion of Jollof rice for an event, record a tomato purchase of 15,000 naira, a bag of rice, etc so that at the end of each month you can see at a glance how much expenses you incurred and the necessary adjustments to effect.

Benefits Of Creativity To Your Business In The Food Industry.

  • As a critical prerequisite for innovation in your business processes and how you arrive at that sumptuous meal that keeps you in business for a long time. This surpasses persistence because sometimes that is not enough to make that perfect dish.
  • It helps you stay up to date and meet customers' demands and expectations that constantly evolve and you have to ensure you have new dishes, meals, and menus that meet these needs. 
  • It helps you learn from failures and understand the best recipes or practices that work for your customers. You may not succeed in your first effort at making a particular dish or side dish or that new trendy meal but trying out several recipes and techniques could help you achieve the perfect outcome. It is very important to be open to learning from failures. This helps you develop an innovative and creative mindset which are powerful tools for you.
  • Creativity helps you take advantage of the resources available to you and create magic out of it. Using the same ingredients to create unique, different, and delicious creations. This could give you a competitive edge because you are challenging the status quo and current processes to adopt exciting and new ways to get things done.
  • You gun for mastery because you are enthusiastic about trying new processes and your devotion is off the roof because it indeed takes a dedicated mind to see a meal through preparation till the end. Repetition births mastery.

Tips To Unlock Your Creativity As A Food Specialist.

  • Follow like-minded individuals in your industry
  • Identify a mentor and adopt some tricks from his/her playbook
  • Watch food channels to stay up to trend
  • Be active on social media and share more food-related content.
  • Be open-minded and attend a lot of food exhibitions
  • Identify a community and build actively within.

In summary, we hope you adopt more creative strategies to get your business on the roadmap to success and retention for your customers. We are here to help achieve growth and success with you. Start your journey to financial freedom with Dillali today. Download the App on the Google play store or Appstore.