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Ember month trends for small businesses in Nigeria

Sarah Nene Etim

Aug 2022

4 mins read


Ember month trends for small businesses in Nigeria

As we approach the “ember” seasons, this is the best time for small businesses to leverage various trends to bring in more sales while rewarding customers and keeping them loyal to your brand.

Most people think these months are when negative things happen, on the contrary as a business owner this is the period to get your highest sales because due to some reasons people in Nigeria tend to buy a lot.

As an Entrepreneur, what can do you to make these months and the rest of the year productive? Do you have a customer reward strategy in place? Do you have plans to sell out old stock faster and update your inventory?

In this article, we would explain what business trends are, how they contribute to your business sales, and the best promotion trends to leverage in this season. 

Stick with me.

What are business trends?

For this context, various strategies are peculiar to this season. 

Due to the increase in social-economic activities, small businesses can leverage on to increase their sales or reward loyal and active customers.

Examples include Sales, Discounts, Gifts on each order, Free Delivery, etc.

This varies at the discretion of each Entrepreneur or a business owner. You may also have noticed which your customers react better to and decide how to incentivize them.

In the next paragraph, I would explain each of them for clarity.

Best trends to adopt this “ember’’ season.

As explained in the above paragraph, you can adopt any of these trends, one or two or more based on your preference and what your customers respond better to.

  1. Sales/Discounts: You could decide to do this in amount or a percentage like offering your customers a 50% discount off certain products or offering it to them at 50% less than the original price, for example, if an item was originally sold at 15,000 naira and you do a 50% less that would amount to 7,500 naira. It could also run as a flash sale/discount or over a certain period as you decide. Offering discounts on purchases is a way to quickly draw people into your store. Anytime you tell a customer that he can save money, you’re likely to get his attention. Discounts don’t only help your shoppers; they also help your business. From increased sales to improved reputation, discounts may be that one ingredient that can bring business success.
  1. Free Delivery: This is the option of offering items and products to customers without including logistics costs. You get to cover shipping or delivery for them. Therefore, the only payment they would be making is that of the purchased item(s).
  2. Gift on each order: Everyone loves gifts, I know I do. So imagine including little gifts like a notepad, a hair bonnet, a free lip balm, etc (depending on your business and what you decide) in a customer’s order. I am very certain they would be overwhelmed with joy. So you might want to adopt this for the season.
  3. Giveaways: You might decide to give away certain items or products to customers for free while they cover only shipping/delivery costs.
  4. Referral discounts: Getting new customers should always be your top play. And referrals have always been an exciting way of making sales and getting new customers also. One way to keep new customers rolling in is to offer referral discounts to current customers, family, or friends. 

Others may apply to your business and products, you can see more insights here.

You may wonder how this contributes to my sales and numbers anyway. Imagine getting your customers to refer individuals within their communities to buy from you, or when a friend mentions your pop-up sales or discounts to her friends who are interested in wigs. For example, you have the particular hair specifications they have been saving up to get.

All these = new customers, more sales, and plenty of money for you! You eventually can start planning that trip to the Maldives in December.

Now even when you start getting sales up and money in, you need to be able to automate certain processes and luckily Dillali can help you with that with the “Discount Feature” and you can regulate this either by percentage or amount.

It is easy, free, and simple for you. Upgrade your numbers and sales this ember season like thousand other businesses using Dillali.